Arranbrae Mo Feasag Nigheon 

@ Slanjavah


Arranbrae Mo Feasag Nigheon                          Born    05/04/1994         Died    15/02/2007

Breeder                                                            K. Delaney

Sire                                                                CH. Potterdale Chancellor

Dam                                                                   Arranbrae Royal Choice

Brown & White Bitch                                          Known as Cassie


Cassie arrived after two beardieless years. Id been invited by Kath Delaney to go over her new litter. Well I mean what did I expect, phoned Jim at work and told him that Michael and I had bought a pup and quickly hung up, no argument there then!  

Cassie has done well over the years in both obedience and breed classes and again she and Michael are best friends, who else other than mans best friend would lie in bed head banging to Guns n Roses and other assorted heavy metal bands. Jim was speaking to someone at work one day mentioned her passion for heavy metal, at six year old she still head bangs to these groups, and lo an behold had a video played on MTV.           

 Looks the perfect angel, doesn't she.








Cassie is the proud mum of 2 litters, and she just loves being a mum but dont expect her to be civil to them when they grow up NO WAY!!!  In the picture above this is Bob her half brother at 12 weeks.

Her ambition is to become the first Beardie to drive anything she adores the car and will stand watching as you turn the key, bark for you to get in gear and then will stand the full length of the journey no matter how far but dont even think of slowing down for anything. Jim tries to get her to fall over by swinging the car from side to side but she still stands there wagging her tail.


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