Midlodge Moonlight Sonata



Midlodge Moonlight Sonata                         Born 2/11/80      Died May 1990.

Breeders                                                    R. & M. Simpson

Sire                                                            Lochbarra Brown Bobby

Dam                                                            Sheldawyn Blue Twilight

Slate & White Bitch                                    Known as Dealas


We got Dealas when she was 8months old, she was Don’s litter sister, and was being re-homed “didn’t get on with the children”.

Well obviously we went to check her out, as Michael was still very young. We saw a very frightened chastised Beardie who was afraid of, children, men, leads, and cars… Of course we took her home.








After extreme helpings of TLC she turned out just fine, did well in the show ring, and for the next 11 years wherever Michael went Dealas went, best friends to the end.


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