Monkreddan Gibeach Born                                             1/4/73 Died     April 1979.

                Breeders.                                                                   J. & M. CALDWELL

                Sire                                                            Osmart Bonnie Blue Ribbon

                Dam                                                                           Glengorm Cutty Sark

                Black & White Dog                                                 Known as Gibeach (GB.)


Our first Beardie, GB was responsible for getting us into the show ring and definitely hooked us on the breed.

His hobbies were football, digging and GIRLS!!!!

I remember his first show BCC open show at Paisley Town Hall his breeder, Madge Caldwell came to ensure her offspring was ready for the ring well she bawled us out for the naughts behind his ears and set about righting them.

Never again did he have hairballs we honestly thought they were meant to be there!!!!!!






He honoured us with 7 years of his company.  

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