Slanjavah Beinn Gibeach JW.                   Born 23/02/1997        Died 15/02/2007

Breeder                                                  H. Dorans

SIRE                                                        Arranbrae Gift Wrapped

Dam                                                        Arranbrae Mo Feasag Nigheon @ Slanjavah

Black & White Dog                                   Known as Ben


Ben is the youngest, at present, he is home bred and a very gentle lad indeed.

He loves is bed, come 22.00 (10pm) he is "bugging you" to go to bed, so he can do the same.

He loves food it's not safe to leave any out when he's about, he can be totally trusted to pinch it! Once when cooking Sirloin steaks I answered the phone  - went back to the kitchen - pan empty - Ben under the tree in back garden with three steaks!

Ben's show career has been awesome - don't like to brag in case it puts a spell on his winning ways.





He was first Beardie in Scotland to gain the new Junior Warrant - Kennel Club introduced new rules - and to celebrate invited all dogs who won new JW in first year - 120 in total - to a special show in Earls Court, London. I am pleased to say that Ben came through to the last twenty, only Beardie in Britain to get that far.










And in this second year there are only two JW. in Scotland, Ben and his half sister Susie.

We are always pleased when Ben, Bob or Cass do well in the ring, however regardless of the result we take the best dog home.


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